Sunday, March 20, 2011


Happy first day of spring, everyone!

It's blue instead of red this time; which color do you prefer?  I will try this shot with other colors soon.

Step Into My World

Remember this one?

More of the red one/s and other macro shots here.

Here's how I set up this shot (that's a small mirror).

Infinity Red

I've used this photo before, but not for this linkup, if I remember correctly.

Reaching to the Heavens


teresa said...

love the red one but they are both great macros.

Kala said...

I like the cool hues of the image in blue! :)

January said...

that's interesting.. I should try that soon..

Camouflage Insect

Cecilia Artista said...

I love the blue one.
Great macro shot!

joco said...

How about com(pli)ments :-)

Don't know what it is I'm looking at, but those coloured blobs are pleasing.

lisaschaos said...

The blue! I think it's because it makes me think of another world, a rainy world. I swear I see the Eiffel Tower.

Elisabeth said...

I prefer the blue one, but both are beautiful.

Allie said...

I really like the last shot! Thanks for linking up! :)

MarieElizabeth said...

I like them both, but the blue one really is cool with the "glow" look.

Hannah Leigh said...

Make it BLUE!
I like blue the best. =)

Maximillian said...

Joco, haha, funny. :)
Thanks, everyone.

Ray said...

Cool glowing shots!

EmmaLee said...

I like them both, but the blue one is my favorite. I love the way it seems to glow, with its different shades and gem-like texture.