Monday, March 14, 2011

Flowers and More

More flower photos...not very original, I'm afraid, especially since I've posted a bunch of these already, but I'm out of inspiration at the moment.

Are these any more interesting?


This is an "oldie but goodie," in my opinion (taken last year).  It's SOOC.
I haven't tried experimenting with textures in Photoshop yet (soon, hopefully), but I think the leaf is "textured"...



Hannah Leigh said...

I like the pix. :)
Has anything interesting been brewing?

Oh, and by the way, where's Lucas' blog? I can't find it. I was catching up on my blog reading and went to check his, and it's unavailable. :S
Are you guys going to Memorial Day? I think we are.

Take care!

Always Fighting,

Maximillian said...

Thanks, Hannah. :)

Lucas' blog is no longer. As in, poof, gone, equal to zip, zero, nada...well, you get the idea.

We'll probably go to the Memorial Day service if we're still here - we're moving to Tennessee in the summer.

Anything interesting? Well, not too much, other than my grandparents visiting right now and us going to the Family Economics Conference last week.

Candace McClintick said...

love the water on this :)

Ray said...

Great macro shots!

Kala said...

Nice detail of the drops on the leaf.

Kristy said...

Amazing Macro!

Allie said...

Very nice photos! I like them! Thanks for linking up! :)

Hannah Leigh said... it.
Tennessee? Woah...that's a ways off! I hope I get to see you guys once more!

We've been dealing with *our* Max, i.e. the horse - he's been CRAZY lately, so we're trying to work him into submission. :)
I hope you guys have a safe move - and give the "new" baby a kiss for me!

Always Fighting,

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, Max. :)

[I'll answer your comment on a prev post here] Well, i still maintain that your pictures are incredible. So is this [i.e. photography] what you want to make a career of? Or is it just a hobby? Ok, thanks!! I'll certainly talk with you if I ever earn enough money to buy a nice camera.

My problem is that I usually start talking and then when everyone pays attention, I get embarrassed and mess up. I once had to give an oral book report to my mom for school. The door was shut [so my siblings wouldn't tease me] and it was just me and mom. I got so embarrassed I forgot the whole report after the first sentence.
You have trouble getting to the point. I have trouble getting the words out [unless I'm completely comfortable with the person I'm talking too.] :) And unless I'm typing, then I could go on forever.

Oh, wow, if you do go to the marriage conf., you'll have to tell me and maybe we could try to meet up...somehow. I'd like to meet new people at conferences, but with my shyness, I usually stand in the background and study people or exit reality and start thinking about my book.

I believe in election too. I'm not sure what our views on eschatology is called, but I know basically what it is.

Have a great day, and I'm sorry if this comment seems a bit chaotic. My brain operates poorly when I'm semi-sick. :(


Maximillian said...

Thanks, everyone!

Maximillian said...

Thank you for the compliment. :)
Currently photography is just a hobby, but I may make it into a career sometime, or at least a side job, provided I can get better, acquire better equipment (and learn advanced editing techniques), and get started.

If my family is going to be going to the marriage conference, I'll be sure to tell you.
There's a possibility, especially since we'll be probably able to see friends from our current and previous. That would be really neat - meeting someone in person who I'd previously only known online in the blog world or something else. I will almost certainly be wearing a camera around my neck, although unfortunately it won't be a big one with an off-white lens anymore.

I assume I would make most people would feel somewhat comfortable talking to me, since I am certainly not good-looking, dashing, suave, etc., etc., and wouldn't awe anyone or anything like that. On the other hand, someone might not feel comfortable talking to me because of who I am or characteristics I may have, such as often talking too quickly, but I can obviously only work on some things.

I often like to meet new people at conferences as well (I met some new people at this last conference).

No, your comment doesn't seem chaotic. Get well soon. :)
I'm also not feeling as well as I could be - I've had a slight cold since yesterday or the day before and am still congested right now.

Elizabeth said...

Love these photos, especially the third one, the first tree shot, and the leaf :D. And I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well-hopefully you're recovering now :). I apologize for the lack of comments recently… I have been reading your posts though :( / :)

Elizabeth said...

Haha, yeah, Shaynie doesn't like Lacey's voice either. I think it's amazing, but everyone has different tastes :).

Maximillian said...

Thanks, Elizabeth. :) I'm doing a bit better now; I hope you are as well.

I think the same thing about Paramore - Hayley Williams screams, shouts, or whatever she does too much...most of the time I don't think I'd say she "sings."

Anonymous said...

So have you decided what you want to do with yourself after school and/or college [if you're doing college]? I hope you don't mind me asking, I'm not trying to be snoopy or anything. If you'd rather not say, you can tell me to shut up. :)

We're going to the conference with some of our friends [Jeff & Kathy Arnette, and family], but I don't know how much we'll actually see of them b/c they know so many people at NCFIC. Both their older sons have been interns there.

Well, if you are there, I'll probably be studying every cameraman I see, trying to figure out if it's you or not, lol. :)

All my friends seem to talk fast, so that won't bother me. I just have trouble thinking of things to say...or getting the courage to say them.

I think I'm over whatever it was I had. I had the same headache for two weeks solid and felt sick for the last half of that. It's nice to be back on my feet instead of dying of boredom in my bed. A white ceiling isn't the most inspiring sight in the world. ;)


Maximillian said...

Of course I don't mind you asking!
Granted, I doubt I'd even tell someone who left a nasty comment to shut up (I'd probably just delete their comment), but feel free to ask questions like that. But if you start asking me for my Social Security number and other such information, I'll know someone has hacked into your account and has begun impersonating you. :)

I've taken around 10 online college courses but since I've graduated from high school I haven't done anything else in terms of school.

I've talked to some of the various NCFIC interns from time to time, but I'm not sure if I've met your friends; I'd probably have to see them to remember (but then, sometimes I've met people and seen them later but forgotten who they were).

I won't stick out very much this time since I won't have a big camera (sometimes with a long, off-white lens), and quite a few people brought DSLRs to the conference I went to recently, but if you've looked at the "About Me" page on my blog, you have an idea of what I look like.

My problem with talking with people is not starting the conversation, but continuing or ending it once I've kind of run out of things to say if we don't have something in common that I know of. Then there's the rather awkward silence...
But that's more with people I already know somewhat, since if it's my first time meeting someone I can just say "It was nice to meet you" or something like that.

It's good to hear that you're back on your feet again. :)