Friday, March 4, 2011

Year of Jubilee (the year after, actually)

That's simply because she was born late last year.
I don't think I ever uploaded a photo of my youngest sister, Jubilee, before.  I know, my portrait-taking skills need much in the way of improvement, but here she is:
See Through the Eyes of a Child


Kelsey said...

Your sister is adorable! :)

Maximillian said...

Yes, she can be quite cute at times. :)

Elizabeth said...

She is SO CUTE!!! That picture is absolutely priceless... what a beautiful little girl :D.

In response to your comments-nope, I don't go by any nickname... I grew up knowing girls who went by Liz, Lizzy, and Beth-and I actually didn't like any of them, so I developed a negative association with the nicknames xD. Now, my sister-in-law goes by Liz, so me not doing so eliminates confusion(I do like her though ;D). I'm just Elizabeth :).
Thanks-I'm glad you liked the photo. And I agree, it is still nice when you are able to capture the moment on film :). Great!! Thank you for letting me know, I'll keep my eyes open and see if I can get any slightly older model at a lower cost. Thanks so much for the info, I didn't know they'd announced those!
Lol, I guess I do like action movies… not exclusively, but many of my favorites DO fall into that category :). Also a huge Hitchcock fan :D