Monday, March 7, 2011

More Awesomeness

First, if you haven't heard of Damien Walters before, he's a former Olympic athlete, a martial artist, and a practictioner of freerunning, which basically appears to be running around doing flips, bouncing off walls - that sort of thing.
You can see the 2009 video here at my old post.
Here's his 2010 video:

And his YouTube page with these and other videos.

What interesting thing do we have next?  Ah, yes, OasisUnlimited.  Some of you may remember that I told about a college student named Samuel who created a bunch of movie montages and music videos that I thought were pretty good?  Well, last year he hadn't uploaded anything new and I was wondering if he was going to, especially because of his "2010 Teaser Trailer."  It doesn't appear to be on his YouTube channel anymore, but I downloaded it while it was still on there, so here it is: (once again, this video does not belong to me!)
It seems it repeats itself, albeit without sound the second time...
I just checked today and found that he has been at it again, since late last year.  The "Hero" video and "Prelude 12/21" montages are two of my favorites, but I think almost all of them are very cool - after all, when many of the action scenes from various movies are strung together, the end result can be pretty intense.  OK, here's the link.

Lastly, if you like cars, or more particularly, if you like stunt driving, you should take a look at Ken Block's gymkhana videos.  They don't appear to all be in one place, so you can look for yourself here.
Here's the first of his videos I watched:

That's all for now, people; take care. :) 


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the questions about my novel! :)

My novel definitely falls into the genre of science-fiction. As for publishing, I hope to find a publisher once I finish the final draft of the story. I'm currently rewriting/editing the first draft. :) I intend to get one copy of my book from for editing purposes. But self-publishing is too much of an investment for me. I wouldn't have the funds.

Writing is a ton of fun, but it is extremely hard work. Probably the hardest part for me is weaving in the Christian themes without sounding preachy. I'm not writing the story to "convince" people to be saved. I'm writing it to show what real Christians can do when God's on their side. [if you ever decide to "take the plunge" and write a novel, I'd be honored to hear about it or to help out your efforts in any way possible! ;)]

I've been intending to read some Ted Dekker's works, but I haven't yet. Any particular one you thought was the best?

Oh, I don't mind the ramblings. :) I can be pretty rambly myself [this comment is perfect proof]!

Haha, Mirriam. I think I remember seeing a comment of yours on there too.

Hope you don't mind if I stick around to read your blog. I know I can sound like an absolute airhead sometimes, but I try not to be. :)

In Christ, Ara

Maximillian said...

You're quite welcome, Ara. :)

Why wouldn't you have enough funds to self-publish? I thought prints the books as they're bought.

Even with the incredibly small amount of experience I have, I know how you can say writing can be hard work - it can be difficult to keep at it for multiple hours, I think.

Yes, weaving Christian themes into a story without sounding "preachy" is something that can be difficult but I think is worth it.

Of Dekker's novels, some of my favorites are the Circle/Paradise series (even though I now disagree with his eschatology), but I'm not sure which others. The was the Circle series "ended" (in Green) and why it's a "circular" series drove me nuts, but others might find that aspect intriguing. All of his books that I've read are very absorbing, but I don't like his mainstream-oriented books as much - the ones I've read, at least.
One interesting thing about his books is the Circle/Paradise series is his main storyline, and in some other books that have basically no connection to that series, such as Skin, House, and probably others as well, things are mentioned that tie them in with the series. Perhaps the biggest example of this was a scene that was in both one of the Lost Books young adult novels and in Skin - a boy riding a horse, but it was in two different worlds...
The Lost Books series and the Circle series are supposed to tie together, I think, but if so, there are serious plot alterations - things happen differently in each series. So you'll just have to ignore the parts that don't make sense.

Hope I don't mind if you stick around to read my blog?!
Thank you so very much for following my blog. :)
It officially has six followers other than you (although Ashley Sisk from Ramblings & Photos and maybe some others follow it anonymously), but I'm sure at least a few never read my blog anymore, and I only get comments on a regular basis when I enter into photo challenges/link-ups.

Since I know someone is actually reading my blog, I'll try to write things that are least relatively interesting, if that's possible. Right now the majority of the content on my blog is photos, as an amateur photographer (with no job) is all I really am right now.
Are you into photography?

Mirriam and one other read the first chapter of my "book" and liked it and wanted to read more, but there isn't any more. Ha. Well, that's not funny - it's actually a bummer, but I haven't ever been able to come up with a cohesive plot. Thanks for your offer to help - if I ever get started again, I'll be sure to ask you for advice.

If long comments are "rambly", I like them - they're more interesting, have more to read, and show the commented either put more than a bit of thought into the comment or simply had a lot to say. :)

Sorry for taking this long to reply to your comment - here it is before I run out of time again.

Anonymous said...

Well, when you self-publish you had to fund all your own promotions for the book and...oh, I dunno. Earwen, er, Mirriam told me it was expensive so I believed her. Besides, it'd be less stressful for me to let someone more experienced handle the legal stuff. Probably the only way I'd ever self-publish is if the editors wanted me to change my plot in a way that was, ahem, insufferable. :)

I heard the Circle series was good. My WBF [Writing-Best-Friend] was pretty sure I'd love it, or a least majorly like it. :) That's kinda odd/strange/demi-cool that someone would write two different series and try to tie them together. With my trilogy, it's so complicated, I'd be nuts trying to do that. Not that I'm not nuts for writing such a complicated story as my debut novel(s) in the first place. Bother, I'm digressing...ANYWAYS! *few sheepish, embarrassed laughs*

WOW! I'm the SEVENTH public follower?! Sorry if I kinda go nuts. The number seven is extremely important in my novels, so I get hyper when something seven-related happens to me. 'Nother digression. Ugh. I talk too much.

I would like to get into photography, but my sister [Pepper] has only this cheap point-and-shoot and it's kinda, well, dying. :( Wow, for being what you term an amateur, you take some amazing photos!! They're pretty spectacular, which interprets into BetterThanIcouldEverDo. :)

Oh, know what you mean about plots. It's embarrassing thinking of how many I've actually gone through myself. I second-guess my novel a lot. But I think I'm just scared that people would laugh at it and call it stupid or cheesy. In real life, I talk very little. It's easier for me to write/type then to talk because I'm so shy. The only way someone would ever understand me completely is if they read my book. So if someone spurned my book, they're really just spurning me.

I just looked at your profile. You live in North Carolina? This October, my family's going out there for a conference hosted by NCFIC about Marriage. I'm not even sure what town we'd be in for the conf. but thought it was cool you lived in that state. :) So if you have a lot in common with Reformed Baptist...does that mean you believe in Election/Sovereign Grace?

*rereads comment* I really need to shorten my comments. It'll probably take you half of 2011 just to read it. :)'s another rambly comment.


Maximillian said...

Ara, sorry for taking this long to reply to your comment - I was at a conference on Friday and Saturday.

I like the number seven as well (my three favorite numbers are 7, 3, and 13). :)

Thanks for the compliment, but I really have a long way to go. If you think my photos are really good, you should see some who have been professional photographers for years and are really good, or some of my friends who have been into photography for only a few years, but are still very good, such as Hannah ( and Paige Elizabeth ( If you ever are looking into buying a camera (particularly a Canon DSLR), I'd love to give advice... :) Just yesterday I helped someone from church find a deal for a refurbished Canon EOS 60D kit - there was a 10% off code so the total was $900-something, as opposed to around $1200 if bought new elsewhere.

I like to talk, but I'm not a very good talker - I usually speak too quickly and like when I write, I often find it hard to get to the point of what I'm saying (I can fill up a page with words without really saying anything).

We live in the Fayetteville area of NC, but we'll be moving to Tennessee (in the Memphis area) in the summer. My parents have talked about going to the NCFIC marriage conference, but haven't decided on anything yet. One of the main reasons I like going to conferences
is to meet and talk to people (otherwise, you could just get the CDs or DVDs of the talks...although there is something about watching and listening to speakers live and in person.

Yes, I believe in election/predestination, and I also subscribe to postmillenial eschatology (hence the disagreement with the premise of Dekker's Circle series)

Oh, and don't worry - I love comments! (as long as they're nice and such - yours are)