Sunday, April 17, 2011

Burn, Baby, Burn

If you are a daredevil of sorts, like to impress people with various feats, simply like to do extreme things, and/or like spicy foods, here's something that is quite extreme, would impress many people, and is very spicy.
I do not recommend eating this pepper unless you have masochistic tendencies and/or an obsession with fire and burning yourself.
Here's the article about the insanely hot pepper I'm speaking of; make sure you are not drinking anything if you decide to read the comments - you'll probably spit it out if/when you start laughing.


Elizabeth said...

Disco inferno! lol, that is too freaking funny... thanks for the tip to not be drinking anything, I WAS chugging Gatorade but set it down, thankfully xD. Oh, and idk if you've read The Hunger Games, but it will be made into a movie, and there is an open casting call in NC this Thursday and there haven't been too many male applicants, so if you're interested you might have decent odds as an extra or tribute in the film. Just thought you might be interested, since you're semi-local. Here is the info:

Maximillian said...

I thought it was hilarious as well. :D

I think the the only time I've heard of that book was when
Ara, one of my Blogger/writer friends, mentioned it in her latest blog post,here.

Other than what Ara said, I have no idea about what the movie is going to be about. I don't think I'll be trying to be an extra, since the malls aren't close, I have work and have to box stuff up at home, I might not get accepted, it probably doesn't pay a lot, etc., etc. But thanks for the info anyway. Out of curiosity, what made you mention that to me - do I seem like the actor type? Thanks again, Elizabeth. :)

A.Barlow said...

lol man, this reminds me of my brother in law. We have a bottle of this condensed Devil Pepper sauce and he decided he had to much mochismo.

He ended up dumping about a what I can only describe as 4 large drops on a chip. He cried, he begged for mercy, then ice-cream. An hour later he threw up, lol.

Good times... Good times...

Maximillian said...

Aaron, haha, that's great! I bet you must have been about to die from laughter. :D