Saturday, April 23, 2011

Still busy

Quick update:
1) I'm still rearranging and packing while my dad and a church friend are painting.
2) My car is at the auto shop yet again since the battery or alternator or something was having trouble and it keeps on dying.
3) I had to clock out at work early yesterday since I didn't have a working car I could use.
4) I'm going to have to drive "Great White", the family 12-passenger Ford E-350 to work today and for deliveries...although it's a four-cylinder and pretty slow, I estimate that my car gets between 20 & 24 mpg, but the van is supposed to get only 13 city, 17 highway. Hopefully I'll have a bunch of deliveries close by to customers who tip very well.
5) At one time at least one of my photos had dust spots on it, but they're gone now. Unfortunately, I now have dust on the viewfinder or something (I can see it through the viewfinder), although it doesn't show up in photos. It's a minor annoyance, but I still want o find out how to fix it.

Ta ta for now, folks.


Anonymous said...

Since I have literally moved 11 to 13 times in my life, moving turned into one of those normal bits of life. I almost miss it in a way - the busy-ness of packing and unpacking. It feels odd, thinking that we probably won't move as a family ever again. But I have at least a few more moves ahead of me since I'm only 17 [nearly 18].

We had car trouble this last winter. It seems like I might have mentioned that to you earlier. If I have, you can ignore this. ;) But our truck died on us on our way to meet up with a bunch of friends to have pizza and then go see the newest Narnia movie. That was...interesting. :) Then the car went nuts for a little while. But hopefully, they're good for a while.

I'll come back and comment more. My neck is killing me. My carpal tunnel is acting up horribly so I can feel it all up in my elbow and shoulder and now it's in my flaring in my neck. Meh.


ps: hope you had an awesome Easter!

Maximillian said...

Wow, that's quite a few more times than I've moved in my life. Ah, you finally decided to say how old you are - around a year younger than I am, it appears.

It's good that they're working now.

I'm sorry you're not feeling well - I've never had CTS so I don't know what it feels like...
I'll be praying for you. :)

Happy (late) Easter as well!

Elizabeth said...

Sorry you're having car troubles... my dad and I went to that casting call for the HG movie this past Thursday, and my mom was worried about me making it alive, so she lent of us her Kia Rondo (I think it's '09?). Anyway, I'm really glad she did! Do they know exactly what is wrong and how to fix it? I hope you have it back soon! And that snow photo(from a previous post) is funny :D. One of my favorite old pictures is of me as an albino little munchkin in a purple coat, poised to throw a snowball at my mom, who was holding the camera. I can still remember her saying 'Don't even think about it!' right as she took the picture, and I wound up throwing it at my sister instead xD. Haha, funny how such a minor memory is so strong, all thanks to a little picture in a frame on the side of the fridge.

Anonymous said...

Oh. bother. I thought I had put up somewhere how old I was. Wow. Really botched that. Facepalm.

So. Curious. How old did you think I was? 11? 12? How naive do I actually act? ;D I thought one of my friends was 21/22 to find out she was only a month younger than me. Guess that doesn't say much about me. :) Most people think I'm kinda least the ones that matter to me... :\

Trust me. You DON'T want CTS. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Thanks for the prayers. Much appreciated. Agh. I wish CTS was curable.

Good evening, happy Wednesday Night; Thursday Morning, Afternoon, Evening; and Friday. :)


Maximillian said...

@ Elizabeth,
I bet it was nice to not have to turn the heater on for once.
My car's fixed now. The problem was the alternator; new one plus labor = $228. :( That's not pocket change for me, and I'm saving for lots of things right now...
Thanks. :) Haha, that's pretty funny.

@ Ara,
You may have, but I just remember seeing the "girl in her late teens" thing. I think I would have thought you were somewhere around your age. Childish? I don't think so. But then, I've yet to meet you in person. ;-)

It's not curable? That's not good...

The same to you. :)