Sunday, April 10, 2011

Photo Challenges and more

First, we have Macro Monday.

Rest in Pieces


Next up, it's Happy Monday, with the theme of "April Showers" (which means any kind of water).
Flickr was giving me a hard time about uploading photos today, so while I'm waiting to see if they'll all upload, I'll just upload them to my other blog and link to them.
It's a hard decision as to which photo to use for my entry, but I'll go with this one from last year (I probably should have used one of the newer grass photos below):

Here are a bunch of other images that fit with the theme of "water":

Green and Wet

Fallen Rain


Next up, it's "Friday Photo Fun."
Which to choose, which to choose...ah, I have it! What do you do when you can't decide on a photo? You just use all of them, of course! Or at least some of your better ones... 
Well, not for my entry, but just for fun.
Here's my entry:
Losing my marbles?

And a whole bunch of others:

A handful of light

Blue Orb


Step Into My World

A Glass and Lights Revisited

Abstract 2

Abstract - edited

Lastly, there's Carlotta's "spring" photo challenge.
This was also a hard decision, but I'll go with this one, which you may have seen before. It's not a masterpiece, but I like the perspective.
Reaching to the Heavens

And more "spring" photos, many of which you many also have seen before:

Lit from Above

Aqua Sky

This is now my photo post of the month (or the year), not because it has the best photo of the month, but because it basically has a month's worth of photos in it. :)


Kala said...

Lovely details of the dandelion seed and a beautiful bokeh too.

Maximillian said...

Thanks, Kala!

Nikki . said...

Beautiful photo of the dandelion clock... Lovely textures...

HOOTIN' ANNI said...


My Link for today:
Hot pink...BEAUTY and the BEAST

Ashley Sisk said...

Beautiful color~

A.Barlow said...

Nice one! Oh and thanks for the reminder, I almost forgot!!

Teresa said...

Great shot!

LauraX said...

fantastic photos!

Allie said...

Those are all great! Thanks for linking up! :)

Kaboom said...

I like the ones with the (what color is this?) greenish blueish back round. Really pretty!

Maximillian said...

Thanks, everyone!
Kaboom, I think that color is called aqua(marine)/teal.
I thought that color gave those images a @Japanese garden" feel.

Laurie said...

Such pretty pictures! Good job!

Kelsey said...

Beautiful shots. Thanks so much for entering! You are definitely one of the best photographers I know, and one of the most creative.


Maximillian said...

Haha Kelsey,
How many photographers do you know? I only know basic editing right now, but I'm trying to learn much more about photography. Thanks for the compliment.

EmmaLee said...

I love that first one of the dandelion! It's very clear and well focused.
I also like the fourth one of the grass - with the dandelion seed in it. :)
The third grass one, b&w, is nice too. The drop of water looks like a tiny tear.
The glass's blue and red colors are stunning!
And my favorite of the flowers is the first close up.
You shouldn't do so many pictures in one post, it's hard to choose which ones to comment about, they're all so good! :D

EmmaLee said...

oh, I also liked the third marble one.

Maximillian said...

Thanks, Emily. :) The same thing occurred to me (about the "teardrop"). It's just hard to choose which ones I like the best, and I like to include multiple photos that I think fit a theme...

nzkiwigirl said...

Great, love all the pictures! I especially love the second close-up on the blossoms. The grass ones are gorgeous!
Yes, my sister is a great model, I'm so thankful that she puts up with me;-) Thanks for the happy birthday comment btw!

Maximillian said...

Thanks, Jess!
You're quite welcome. :)