Thursday, April 28, 2011

Storms on the horizon (boring updates/ramblings)

This is going to be an absolutely boring post, so you might be better off skipping it and waiting for something more interesting, which might come soon.

I take it you've heard about the recent tornadoes that have cause so much damage and resulted in more than 200 deaths. Well, none have come very close this time around, so we still have power and everything.
I watched a few videos taken of some of the tornadoes, and in one, the vehicle the camera was in was driving toward the tornado and was within a fair distance! While I think getting photos or a video of a storm like that from up close would be pretty cool, I might be a bit apprehensive about getting as close as that...
The video can be found here; just look for "Raw: watch tornado cross the road".

My car is back from the shop and is now working fine...and I am going to have $228 less than I did before because of the new alternator and labor.

I'm nearly finished with painting my room...I'm glad it's almost over; I don't like painting.

I need to hurry up with learning about photo editing and go take some more photos soon.

Along with the anonymous comment that went something like, "You're a great writer! How do I contact you; I want to hire you!" (hilarious, isn't it?), the following comment is probably the funniest anonymous (spam?) comment I've gotten on my blog, although it isn't like what I've been used to seeing spam comments look like:
"It is a good thing to learn caution from the misfortunes of others."

Horrible photo taken with iPhone 3Gs:

Blooming Star


Ara said...

I heard about the recent tornadoes and kinda panicked. I was asking everyone if they were any in NC. Needless to say, I was VERY relieved when I found out there hadn't been any near you. :) But it's so awful about the tornadoes. I hope, desperately hope, the hurricane season isn't as bad as all these earthquakes and tornadoes and storms have been.

Ick. I hate painting. I usually dislike anything that dries out my skin - painting, weeding [the dirt from pulling the weeds], dry-walling [compound is gross.] I can't stand dry skin. It's probably my craziest pet peeve. :)

LOL. I haven't had a single spam or anonymous comment on my blog, which is REALLY weird since I have SO many followers. [It's kinda creepy-cool how many people read my blog - I nearly have a 1000 page views per day.] I had a blog before this one [Shilah] and I did get some really nasty comments on that one. One person told me to go "smoke a joint." I think it was their way of saying "getta life." -_-


Lys said...

I think that is a great photo... even if it is from your phone!

Maximillian said...

Nope, I'm alive and well. :)

I prefer artistic pursuits to manual labor, although I'm not very artistically gifted...that doesn't make much sense, does it?

Odd indeed. Hm, that's a strange thing to say.

Thanks so much; I appreciate it. :)

Kala said...

I have only been able to go out shooting 2 days this month, the weather has been so bad. Here's to better forecasts!

Bleah Briann said...

Lol no problem. Thanks for the comment, means alot.

Elizabeth said...

What color is your room? :). Yikes, sorry about the bite out of your wallet xP. I am glad that they were able to determine the cause of the problem, though. That comment is hilarious xD. If I ever spammed people, it would probably be with fortune cookie messages like that... (no, that wasn't me... I wish xD). And the person who recorded that video is freaking insane... I'm praying for those in Alabama right now, and am going to ask others to do so as well. That kind of damage... also, Shaynie from the book blog lives near Tuscaloosa, and I'm scared to death that she isn't okay... I haven't heard from her... anyway, sorry for sharing worry. I'm very, very glad that you're alright as well. We had freaky weather here, and insane rains and some wind, but no tornados.

nzkiwigirl said...

Hiya Maxi-boy! Gosh, yeah, I saw some videos of the tornadoes--wowee, they were pretty huge.
Hey, what kinda car do you have?
Haha, no I don't live in London! I live in the North of England; I don't think I could stand living in London. Crazy place. I'm not sure how often Hayley W. comes to the North of England, but if I ever meet her, I'll tell her you said hi!;-) lol
*giggle* that last anonymous comment was great!!

Maximillian said...

Yes, the weather...although I haven't been out shooting at all recently even with good weather; I really should.

You're welcome. :)

The former color of the house's interior walls was kind of a peachy/tan, but now it's slightly darker...more of a brownish...something like a cross between dirty Silly Putty and a chocolate milkshake.

Thanks; even worse is the fact that had I had time, my dad and I could have bought an alternator for around $100 and installed it ourselves. :(

I'm going to be praying for them as well.

I hope Shaynie is all right as well...
Thanks for the concern. :)

Oh yes; they look like they were very big. Before, when we lived in the Pacific, it was typhoons, now that we're on the East Coast of the US, we have both hurricanes and tornadoes, although none have actually hit us like the typhoons did in Guam.

Hm, I thought you lived in London for some reason. Yep, all those big cities (NY, LA, London, Tokyo, etc.) are all very crowded and quite crazy. :) Of those, I've only been to LA, though.
You'll tell Miss Hayley I said hi? Hahaha. :D It would be pretty neat to meet her...if I could get a photo either of her by herself, with me as well, or both, I could caption the photo something like, "I met this pretty girl appears she's quite famous in some parts; have you heard of her before?" ;-)

Naturally, William and Kate had to drive off in a classic Aston Martin (the car must be British, you know); there are other British cars they could have chosen, but it's not like a Lotus Elise or a Mini Cooper are very "royal-looking" cars. :) Hm, I guess a Bentley could have worked as well.
What would have been great is if James Bond (a.k.a. Daniel Craig) had driven up to the wedding in an Aston Martin DBS. :D

Yes, that comment was quite strange.

Fiona Elizabeth Everest said...

My brother wants to chase tornados with my brother in-law. My Mom dosen't really like that idea. :)
Anyway, I am glad your car is fixed. :)
What color did you paint your room?

Maximillian said...

Haha; I imagine. :)


The former color of the house's interior walls was kind of a peachy/tan, but now it's slightly darker...more of a brownish...something like a cross between dirty Silly Putty and a chocolate milkshake.

joe said...

where was that

Maximillian said...

I think I didn't see your question about what kind of car I have - sorry about that.
I have a 1990 Nissan 240SX, but I'm going to be selling it soon.

I could ask "who are you", also without capitalization or a question mark, but I don't even know if you're a real person. In the event that you are, perhaps you'd like to specify what your question was referring to?