Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone!


Breaking Forth


Finally, a theme I'm prepared for.
Clearer Vision

Take my other button :)

This portrait is far from impressive (naturally), but it's a good example of what usually happens when these two are around each other.
Brotherly Love


Kala said...

Lovely images of the spring blossoms.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

Annelie said...

Wonderful macro and Happy Easter to you also!

January said...

wonderful photo composition.

Here’s My Macro Monday: Wild Sunflower 2

Samson said...

beautiful macro, Love the DOF, first one is my favorite

nzkiwigirl said...

ooohh, nice pictures. happy easter!

Ashley Sisk said...

I love the processing on your first shot.

Anonymous said...

Both are very nice, I think I prefer the second - nice contrast between the purple and green.

Maximillian said...

Thanks, everyone!

Allie said...

I really like the first shot and the brotherly love shot! Thanks for linking up! :)

nzkiwigirl said... that picture of the brothers. so cute.
lol, yes I do remember the dolphin! i thought of it when I was editing my one:-)
nothing like a bit of creative cheating huh? ;-)

Maximillian said...

Thanks, Jess. :)
Haha, yep. ;-)

Kristan said...

Loving the flowers. Nice job Max. :)

Maximillian said...

Thanks, Kristan. :) I need to read up on PS tutorials so I can begin to create the images I really want to.

Ray said...

Great shots! Love the second one!

Anonymous said...

Wow. These pictures...LOVE them. They're so gorgeous! :) I so wish I had a better camera. I got to play with my Aunt's Canon Rebel yesterday. It was so cool, even though I had no idea what I was doing. :) But I have to stick to priorities: ipod first. THEN camera. :)


Maximillian said...

Thanks, Ray.

Thanks! I still have so, so much to learn...I'm horrible at taking portraits, and I really need to develop my editing skills.

If you think about getting a DSLR anytime soon, I have some buying tips in the comments here (the discussion is ongoing).

Which iPod do you want to get?

Anonymous said...

Well, I look at your photos and feel intimidated - I think, "man, if I could only be half as good as Max." I'll give you proof of my horrible photography: one, two, & three. [I hope the links worked!!] I feel more comfortable editing photos then taking them. Probably b/c I ran a blog design business for a while. :-)

My aunt gave me 50$ towards a camera [as a graduation gift], so I have the fund started at least. :) I think I'll probably go with a canon since you have one and I could ask you questions about it. My family knows zilch about cameras and most of my friends have Nikons, so they'd know practically nothing about Canons either. :)

Hmmm. I'd like to get the Ipod Nano (6th Generation). I have some other graduation money and some amazon gift cards I earned from Swagbucks I can use for it. With my birthday coming up and since I have graduated this year, I'll probably get some more money in May [I'm crossing my fingers for money & not gifts. That sounds terrible but money would be more useful then anything.] I hope to get it then [in May.] I'm going to purchase an armband case for it too so that I can keep it "safer" while I run. I would've gone for an older model, but they seemed just as pricey as the new ones.


Bleah Briann said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR FOLLOWING ME! I've seen you on formspring for awhile but I didn't really know who you were. :P

So yeah, your blog is awesome! i'm following you now too. :)


Bleah Briann said...

:D well, apparently i'm a pretty bad painter. i spent the whole day painting and did such a horrible job that we had to go buy two new things of paint and now i have to paint the ceiling. :P

oh well, it was my first time. :)

Thanks for the comment!


Maximillian said...

#3 is ok, the detail in #2 is pretty good, and #1 is a pretty nice photo in my opinion (the clouds look very interesting)- one that certainly isn't horrible.

I think it's funny that you and others think I'm such a good photographer...someday I hope to be, but my skills are not very impressive, even if I have taken a few photos I actually like.
For instance, I am horrible at taking portraits.
Now if I was someone like Rob Woodcox, one of my Flickr friends and a very good photographer, I wouldn't think the compliments were unmerited.

I really want to get better at photo editing and learn how to create photo I may have told you, it's one of my goals to create amazing images, as well as write a book and maybe make an interesting short video eventually.

Yes, I am somewhat lacking in knowledge about both Nikon and other brands as well as third-party lenses...

The "super Shuffle", eh? I don't like it since I think the touchscreen is kind of silly since it drains the battery life but isn't large like the iPod Touch, and you can't have the iPhone/Touch apps on it either, right? But if you like it, that's ok. :) Do you have a preference for iPods as opposed to another brand of portable media player?

I haven't gone running in ages partly because I'm lazy and partly because it's painful; sometimes mildly but other times it feels like my face is on fire or something. Anyway, when I do go running, I use my dad's 1st-gen 4gb iPod Nano (the 30gb Zune brick is large, unwieldy, has a hard drive and I don't have an armband for it); the few songs I have on my running playlist get repetitive since I don't have many, but I can sometime gauge how well I'm doing on time by where in a song I'm at at a certain point - provided I haven't skipped any tracks.

You're welcome. :)
Thanks! I have 11 followers, but some of those haven't commented in ages, and the only people who comment with any regularity are Elizabeth and Ara.

I'm going have to go back and touch up a whole bunch of spots as well...and then use white paint to paint the trim where I got wall paint on it...

Ryan Sexton said...

I love the b&w photo on the lake. The reflections and mood of this shot are great.

Maximillian said...

Thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

HI! :) It seems like I haven't talked to you in forever, I've gotten into such a habit of commenting on your blog. :)

Anyways, thanks a lot for the prayers for my family. I can tell they've definitely helped. *sigh* I just have to remind myself that nothing lasts forever. Anyways...

Quick question: I know you mentioned before that you'd sent like the bit of the story you'd written to Earwen and others, so would you mind sending it to me? I love reading work-in-progess kinda of things! So, if you want you could send it to me. :) My email address is

Well, I just want to get an ipod worth my money, you know what I mean? My sister has like the past ipod nano generation. So? Which ipod is the best...or you think is the best? :) I'm willing for any suggestions. :)

I need to run. Mom wants on the laptop! :) Have a great week [I'm not sure when I'll be able to get back on!!]


Maximillian said...

Hey there, Ara! :) That's nice; I might have told you before that although I technically have 11 followers of this blog, some of those followers have almost positively not checked it out in ages, and you and Elizabeth are the only people who comment regularly.

That's good...yes, nothing last're welcome.

I'm sure that story is quite horrible, but I'd have to find it first to even remember everything, since I haven't even looked at it in ages...I really would like to write a novel soon, and create images that tell a story, and...well, that sort of thing.
I'll look for it and send it to you if you really want me to, but don't expect to be impressed, and like Mirriam, if you say "I want to read more!" you're going to be sadly disappointed, at least for the moment, since I didn't get past the first chapter. Rather than having a complete plot, which I never managed to construct, I had bits and pieces of things I wanted in my book (I still do), kind of like having a bunch of puzzle pieces but you don't know how they fit together or if you even have all the pieces.

I know what you mean. The best iPod is obviously the Touch! No wait, I take that back; as with many things, it all depends on what your intended use is. If you want a micro-sized music player for exercising, get the Shuffle. If you want something with a screen that's not super-expensive, get a Nano. If you have a ginormous music and video collection and want to store it all on your device, get an iPod Classic. Finally, if you want a versatile device that is also a game machine, a PDA, and more, get a Touch. It should be noted that the non-Touch iPods are better if you want something that you can pause and skip songs on without looking. So what are the main features you want in a PMP (portable media player)?

Have a great week as well!
If I haven't replied to everything you said, I'll try to do it later since it's past midnight, I'm tired, and I have to get up at 5:30 tomorrow.