Saturday, April 16, 2011


Earlier, a storm knocked out the power over here, so when I got to work, I just had to wash some dishes and fold boxes and then came home to wait for a call if electricity is restored to the restaurant. Getting home took a while since the traffic lights are also not working.
As you've probably guessed, I'm writing this from my iPhone.
Right now I'm just waiting, playing the piano, etc. I think I'm going to go look for a non-refridgerated food item to eat.

Update - 4/17, 4:53pm:
The storm was actually a tornado, and it hit a nearby city and did some damage. I'm writing this on my phone at a church family's house, where we had church today. I'm sorry I haven't been able to comment on your blogs and respond to every comment yet (Alli, I tried to answer your comment, but the power outage turned off my PC before I had finished it). So, no Macro Monday or other posts or whatever until power is restored...

Update - 6/17, 6:17pm:
We got back home a few minutes ago, and electricity has been restored! (according to the blinking clocks, it's been back up for more than six hours, but that doesn't really matter)
Unrelated: those of you who have good eyesight and don't need glasses or contacts, be thankful. Right now I'm wearing glasses since I tried putting on my contacts yesterday and it hurt a little bit (actually, it really, really hurt); I don't like wearing glasses - they keep falling down on my face, etc. Hopefully I'll be able to get new contacts soon and they'll feel better.

Last update:
I just read an article about the tornadoes and other severe weather happening recently; it appears there have been quite a few fatalities already, with the possibility of more confirmed deaths soon...
Thankfully, God was watching over us and not only are we unscathed, but we did not lose our house, cars, etc. due to the storm.


Ara said...

I always love it when you think you'll have a normal day of work and then you get there and you have like nothing to do. :)

wow, you play the piano? I always think it's amazing if a guy plays something other than the guitar [not that I have anything against guitars]. I use to play the piano, but I had to quit because of my carpal tunnel. I tried playing after a couple months of not, and killed my hands in the first five measures. Eck. I so wish I could still play. *sigh* stupid carpal tunnel.

TTYL! :)

Maximillian said...

Haha. That doesn't usually happen to me, though. I don't want to work at McDonald's, but I'm going to try to anyway, in the mornings, since I'm going to need money...

Where did I say I play the piano, again? (I do, but I just can't remember where I said that) I don't play the guitar at all, and I'm not very good at either the piano or viola, so if you ask me to play something, don't expect to be impressed.

Ouch; sorry about that - it's nice to just be able to play chords and improvise in a key and play a song you make up on the piano at times, although that gets kind of old since I only do that in a few keys and it often gets repetitive...although I occasionally stumble on something that I think sounds nice, but then I don't know how I got that and can't duplicate it... :(

Alli said...

Hmm.. I prefer the trombone. I tried the piano, but I got bored pretty quick ;) I think it could have been my piano teacher! lol
That's ok about not responding to my comment right away- haha- I didn't actually expect a reply! :)
I live in South Dakota and we have tornados here too, and we've seen one get pretty close... and I was home alone, too! YIKES!

Amen to people who don't need glasses! I've had the since I was eight- and I wish my eyes were good.... especially when i'm swimming! lol
Okay I think that's probably enough of a comment for now! ;)
God bless~ Allison

Maximillian said...

Alli, If you're able to improvise on any key on the piano and make your own songs up, like I've seen some people do, it can be very enjoyable.

Home alone with a tornado; that must have been something.

Oh yes, swimming with contacts; not fun.
Not that I usually go swimming if I don't have to...

Out of curiosity, how did you stumble upon my blog with two or three regular commenters? I'm guessing it was after I left a comment on someone's blog.

Ara said...

oh you mentioned playing the piano in this post, right after the bit about waiting for the electricity to come back on. :)

I wrote a few songs. Like you, they were highly repetitive. [I really did drive everyone nuts playing them.] I was a poor composer. I could think up a cool song, but could never write it. :( I played the guitar for a little bit myself. But I dropped it and took violin for several years. But I quit that several years ago b/c we moved and I couldn't find a new teacher. I was decent on the violin - but the piano was my real passion, especially when I could start playing the songs I really liked, like Enya or "Liz On Top of The World". :) Sometime, I'm going to save up all my stubbornness and pound out on the piano no matter WHAT. I'm aching to make/play music again. It helps me think about my book. :)

Oh. glasses. yeah. not enthused. I've worn glasses since I was like 4 or 5. My left eye was lazy and would slide in when it got tired, so I wore bifocals for a long time to correct it. I still wear glasses b/c my eyes still tire easily if I read for a long time or if I watch a few minutes of a movie. Whenever I have to get a new pair of glasses, I talked mom into letting me get contacts instead. Excited. Majorly. :D

And I'll answer your question about Awel/Lightning here to save us both time: I just saw a wallpaper of Lightning. Then Googled her to find better pics of her costume which intrigued me [i usually draw lots of costumes for characters, so I save pics for inspiration.] I saw a sheet which explained the gun/sword-combo transformation. As for her "I need to be strong" - Awel has always been like that b/c of her past. Her [Awel's] costume just kinda reinforced it in my mind b/c in some of the rewrites, she was morphing into a weaker kind of character and it was causing problems story-wise.

So. Sorry to write another ridiculously long comment. Good wishes for adventurous dreams [it's 9:58PM here] and have an awesome Thursday. :)


ps: I bought a pair of earbuds yesterday. I tried looking for the brand you said was comfortable, but couldn't find it. So I bought some cheapies that looked liked the buds were smaller than normal. After the initial hate stage where they made my ears ache, they've grown on me. They actually are pretty comfortable and the sound is 100x better. They still bother my ears a bit, but not as bad as other kinds do. :)

Maximillian said...

Ah yes, I see it now.
I've also never tried writing down a song...not that mine are really good to begin with.
It must be frustrating to not be able to play an instrument when you want to... :(

Ah, so that's how it got started.

I didn't mean my Sansa earphones were super-comfortable, even though they were fairly eargonomic (did I already say that?)...but they're still missing. I don't think they were all that special actually - they're just the ones that came with my old Sansa e280 mp3 player, but they did sort of work as earplugs as well.
I suppose these ridiculously expensive earphones would have great sound quality and hopefully be very comfortable, but the price is, well, see it for yourself. It's good your new earphones are working for you. :)

As always, no need to apologize for leaving long comments; I like them, and after all, you and Elizabeth are my only friends who comment with any regularity, although there are a couple of others who leave comments on occasion.