Monday, April 4, 2011


First of all, let me remind you about this: 

Now to my Macro Monday entries, which may or may not be considered true "macros."
As you may have guessed by the note above, these macros are not of marbles or mancala pieces, but of "LEGO bricks or toys." ;)

Once again, Indy is oblivious to the danger around him as he attempts to get his hands on another prize.
Indy's at it again - SOOC
Fortunately for him, help has arrived in the form of a mask wearing, staff-wielding, scorpion-crushing, alien-kicking, brown-jacket wearing, yellow LEGO guy. :)

Although you can't tell, the 2x2 block the "orb" is on isn't actually white; it's an odd shade of lavender/white; I have yet to see another like it.
I know these photos aren't impressive; I just decided to try something a bit different today. 
I do wish I had a good studio lighting and background setup, though...and I suppose a Hasselblad H4D wouldn't hurt either. ;)
Here's the whole set (they're all basically the same as these and there are multiple copies of some because there are SOOC and edited versions, so you probably shouldn't bother checking them out):

Maybe I'll try some more LEGO photos soon if I can find that creation I made years ago or find out how to do LEGO levitation shots (not as good as human levitation, but still pretty neat)...but good lighting equipment, backgrounds, etc. would be helpful, as well as other stuff. Wow, now I'm making excuses for my mediocre photos again. :P 
On a happier note, I got a free 8x10 of one photo of mine I actually like, and it's now on the living room wall with some other photos. 

I have an idea for another post, and hopefully it won't be as boring as this one...
Have a happy Monday, everyone. :) 


Ashley Sisk said...

ha ha - legos are so much fun!

MarieElizabeth said...

Very entertaining!

Kala said...

haha - love it. Happy Macro Monday!

A.Barlow said...

Nice shots! Man, I missed that Macro Monday link you sent me this week - wife hoggin the computer :( - next week though!

Oh, and sense you like lego shots, check out my tog friends blog, they have something they call Lego Wars, you should hit that up!

Maximillian said...

Ashley, I don't really "play" with LEGO bricks any more, but I want to get better at Lego photography.

MarieElizabeth, thanks!

Kala, thanks so much. :)

Haha, time to get another computer, eh? ;) Your friend's Lego photos are pretty good...I might try entering his Lego Wars photo challenge when I think I have some photos that are good enough, but I don't know to do this kind of macro photography well, unlike Gareth Payne:

Elizabeth said...

Haha, I love 'LEGO bricks and toys' :D. I once snuck into my big brothers room and stole his ginormous pirate ship kit from under his bed xD. I later got permission to play with them, and his Robinhood kit… those were so much fun! Anyway, loved these shots (totally took me back several years). And don't be so hard on yourself, your photos are amazing! Sorry for never commenting on Glowing, I absolutely loved it(one of my favorites actually)! And Darkness Falls is so awesome-I'm sure that makes a great print :).

Maximillian said...

Thanks, Elizabeth. :)
Some people liked the newer version of that photo, which I simply lightened. I may get prints of that as well or simply redo the whole thing. The funny thing is, some people seem to really like some of my photos like "Glowing" that were very easy to set up.