Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day at the beach

I'm going to try a change from gray font to another color for now and see how that turns out.
By the way, how does the new template look? 
We left for the beach this morning at around 4 mom drove, so I decided to try to get some sleep.
I had gone to sleep at around 12:30 am, and I'm not exactly an early bird, so even though I was more awake than I'd been right after getting up, I still tried to rest.  I used my earphones as earplugs, and that helped to reduce noise a little bit.  I even took a few catnaps while in a camping chair at the beach, although it was fairly difficult to find a comfortable position then.  Hm, things of interest...
There were stingrays in the water, some police officers had a Scottish band and performed there at the pier. They had two small drums, one big drum, and about three bagpipes.
They played quite well.  One of the men even sounded like he had a Scottish accent when he was talking to someone, but I may be wrong - I didn't hear him speak for long, and all the songs were instrumental only.
I did notice some funny things about them, such as the fact that both the men and women wore kilts, at least one officer carried a gun at his hip (isn't that what you'd call an anachronism?), and the last song they played was The Rising of the Moon.  Isn't that an Irish song?  Well, I guess it doesn't really matter - those were just some of my observations.  After fishing, where only my little brother, Noah caught a fish (I didn't see how it happened), everyone went onto the beach, which is where I took the short nap I mentioned....that's basically all I did, except for fish without success, eat (there were free McDonalds' sausage and egg biscuits for breakfast, hot dogs for lunch, and a bunch of snacks), and a few other things.

After everyone was finished playing at the beach, we went to an "inflatable waterpark," which we'd gotten free tickets for at the fishing event.  That place was the cheesiest waterpark I've ever seen that's called itself that.  You know those inflatable kiddie slides that are pumped up with air compressors (the larger slides)?
Well, that's all this place was - a sandy lot with around five of those inflatable slides and a volleyball net.  Sad.

We later got some doughnuts from a show called Britt's Doughnut (or was it Doughnuts?), since the place had been recommended to me by someone I know who grew up in Wilmington.  He said they were very good, and I agree; mostly because they were fresh, they are some of the best doughnuts I remember eating, even though they only come in one flavor - basically glazed...but they're fresh and hot out of the frying pan or whatever it's cooked in.  Yes, doughnuts were kind of airy and weren't filled with anything like jam or creme, but they were still very good.
Well, that's all I have to say for now.  Good night, everyone.

-Max out      


Hannah Leigh said...

I like the new background. Nice for a change! 'Tis what I did with mine. I think the blocks looking background would look cool, too.

Max said...

Thanks. I'm not sure which one you're talking about, but I think I'm going to stick with this one for now. I did notice your blog's new font style.

Hannah Leigh said...

My persecution blog is the one I'm referring to. It's got cement blog type things in the background. :) You can go to it by looking under the "My Blogs" tab on my main blog.

Max said...

Oh, OK...I just took a look at it.