Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Things I've learned from some of my experiences in life

1) If you're looking for gifts for kids, I don't recommend the latest toy or just something that "looks like it would be fun for kids."  Some things never get old, such as Nerf guns; LEGO toys/sets; knives, machetes, bokkens and practice swords, etc. (if the kids are old enough).  Kids may get tired of certain toys, but some things will last for a long time and likely provide a lot of enjoyment.

2) When giving someone a gift, it's often good to surprise them, but I think it's better to ask them what they would like, or if you know what they would like but not the model, style, etc. ask them, rather than getting something they don't like as much as something else.  For instance, if someone wants a car, knife, book, or just about anything that has more than one model, find out which specific model they want (including color and anything else).  Of course, if you can manage to ask someone what they'd like in some offhand fashion so they don't suspect anything, do so, although that may be fairly difficult to accomplish.

3) When swinging from vines, immediately stop if you hear a crack!  
If you do not because the vine is still attached to the tree and nothing seems to have happened, the vine may break when you are parallel to the ground, causing your head to hit the dirt with some force and giving you a concussion.  In fact, it might be a good idea to stay away from small vines hanging from trees altogether, or at least to not swing so that if you fall, you'll land on something other than your feet...or rear, I suppose.
On your head, for instance; not good.
And before you snicker, keep in mind that this is from quite a few years ago.

[To be continued...]

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