Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I left my job with Vector yesterday, and now I'm doing several things:
1) Trying to get another job - on the Geek Squad at Best Buy, as a store clerk at Family Dollar, or a store clerk (and whatever else the job entails there) at Hobby Lobby.  I may also apply elsewhere, but I'm going to turn in my application for a job at Hobby Lobby first.  My mom thinks that the people who work there don't seem to be particularly friendly - not unfriendly, like some of the grouchy old ladies who work at Harris Teeter - just not especially friendly, whereas at Chick-Fil-A, another Christian company, nearly all of the employees are very friendly and helpful.  My mom suggests that it might be the training Chick-Fil-A employees receive.

2) Trying to spend more time working on my book...
Years ago, I wrote several chapters of a book that was pathetic, to say the very least.
Now, I might be doing slightly better, but the first thing I need to do is make progress in just writing the story, which is fairly difficult since I don't have all the plot details thought out; I kind of think it up as I go along (I've even changed the title multiple times without finding one I really thought was good).
This might be the wrong way to go about writing a book, but if it turns out OK, then I guess it works.
Before, I occasionally had flashes of "insight" - ideas, anyway - as to what a scene in the story should be like, but it was like having lots of puzzle pieces and not knowing how they fit together, or even how to start putting the puzzle together; just that they fit.  In fact, I didn't/don't even know if all the pieces are there.
Also, I think I've forgotten or rejected many of those ideas before now, but perhaps that's a good thing.

3) Trying to start exercising somewhat again...I'm not sure how I'm going to do the 10k in 22:30, but even if I fail, I still need to exercise to keep in shape.  I will not become a fat slob.

Well, it's too late to write any more right now; I'm off to bed in a minute, since I'm fairly tired.



Hannah Leigh said...

Hey, you're writing a book??? What kind of book? I like writing, too, and am currently helping my little brother write a book of his own. He got hooked once I started talking about how great writing was. :)

Max said...

Fiction (a novel)...action/adventure/thriller or something like that. I'll post more info if/when I manage to finish and publish it.

Hannah Leigh said...

Cool! My kind of book. I write stuff like that all the time. (Actually, I mostly make it up in my head, wishing to get it down on paper, but instead of writing it, act it out. Crazy, I know. =D)