Thursday, June 17, 2010

Recent happenings

I just got a job the other day with a company named Vector Marketing.  I'm supposed to be clear about the fact that I am an independent contractor selling products for the company and not an employee of the company, so that's why I'm making this statement.  Anyway, my job basically consists of setting up appointments with people I know or people I've been referred to by people I know (although I haven't gotten to the "appointments with friends of friends" stage yet). 

I drove my car back from the shop the other day so it's up and running again, although it still needs to have various parts replaced, such as a new radio antenna - mine is missing one).  
If only I could get 100+ mpg...paying for gas and other stuff is difficult when you don't really have a steady income and your store of cash is rapidly dwindling.

[Update: 6-11-10]

OK, like I said, I work for Vector (and as of yet, I still haven't got any sales right now.
However, I put in another online application for my preferred job - a Geek Squad In-Store Computer Electronics Technician job (
Hopefully I'll get that one, but I'm also re-applying at Family Dollar, and if I can find out how to do so, at Food Lion as well.  

-Max out

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