Friday, June 18, 2010

Feel the Power...

It's late (or rather - it's very early now...), so I'm going to take a shower in a second, but first, some late night ramblings on the theme of power.  This is another post to skip if you wanted some especially intellectually stimulating statements...but who knows?

Someone once said power is a drug...I think I would agree; what about you?
I'm positive power can become quite addictive - primarily if you had a very visible sort of power such as a superpower like telekinesis, although even military, corporate, and other kinds of power  
In my case, I'd prefer telekinesis, partly because I'm actually doing something and can immediately see the effects of using that power, whereas if you're a wealthy, influential, and powerful person (take the Illuminati or just someone in Washington who wields a lot of power), you usually have to wait a bit to see the fruits of your labors come to pass.  Then again, to control the world might be kind of cool, although even though there are things I might try to fix, there's only so much you can do even if you do control most of the world, and anyway, I'm not a power-hungry dictator - what do I want the world for? 

On a somewhat related but slightly different topic:
Have you ever listened to what I call a "battle cry" song that might be a call to action (for instance, Million Voices, Come Alive, Running Out of Time by BarlowGirl, as well as Hero and Awake and Alive by Skillet...there are probably many more that you could think of) and felt a shiver go down your spine?
That shiver down my spine usually happens when I think about the "power" thing...I should be more specific:
Listening to "We're a million strong and getting stronger still..." and watching the part of V for Vendetta where the whole crowd of people were wearing "V" costumes (Guy Fawkes mask, black hat, cape, etc.) gave me that feeling, where I got the shiver down my spine...while it would be pretty cool to have superpowers and singlehandedly save the day or just wreak havoc on evildoers while quoting lines such as "dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return", I think there is something quite formidable and powerful and perhaps even somewhat awe-inspiring in some cases in knowing that if you're one of a mass of people who unite in a cause, the power there can be great, for either good or evil (remember the Tower of Babel?).
Well, it's late, and if I keep on writing, I'll probably just get more disjointed and maybe redundant and who knows what else?  
So here I conclude, after having given another piece of my mind...

-Max out

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shieldmaidenthoughts said...

Power corrupts - absolute power corrupts absolutey.
Very true.
~ Mirriam