Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Photo Challenge - Color

Yes, here is yet another photo challenge I'm entering in.
Not that it's necessarily a bad thing, per se, but from what I've seen, it seems to me that there is a serious paucity of photo blogs and challenges from guys...but perhaps I just haven't heard of them.  Photography certainly isn't a "girls only" thing.

Anyway, this photo challenge is from Carlotta at Pastor's Girl's Ponderings, and the theme is simply, "color".
Here is my entry:
Losing Focus

-Max out


Sereina said...

I love the water dropplets.

Anonymous said...

nice pictures! By the way, your blog is very unusual and creative...this being a compliment!!

Maximillian said...

Thank you.
And thank you also, anonymous.

carlotta said...

The focus is beautiful! Wonderful shot.