Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quick updates

[From 10/19/10]

Quick check-in:
Everyone, thanks for all the comments on my photos; I'd

have published them earlier if I'd had the chance.

My internet connection has been down since yesterday

afternoon (it feels like much longer), so I've been stuck

offline.  A neighbor's unsecured "linksys" network - what

I'm on right now - has a different service provider, so I

am connected to the internet at the moment.
I only just took my netbook up here where I'm at now a few

minutes ago...I tried it in my room, but the signal

strength was just too weak (it's slow enough up here).  So

hopefully my connection will be back up shortly and you can

expect several things:
1) My "to be continued" posts to at least be partly

2) More photos; the "bigger picture" ones I mentioned in

the Macro Monday post, in particular
3) Whatever else I think of that I should probably write...

-Max out, for now

[From 10/20/10]
The internet connection is still not up at my house, but I'm here in Raleigh in the van outside of a Courtyard Marriott hotel using the free Wi-Fi (woohoo).  More updates later.

[From 10/22/10]
This morning, a technician came and fixed our internet connection...after the connection first got dropped, I called Charter Communications (our service provider) to see what the matter was, and I was told by the recording that there was an outage in our area that was affecting our connection. The next two times I called I talked to actual people but got the same response.  However, after however many days it had been, my mom was sure that there must be some mistake, since an outage shouldn't take more than a day to get fixed.
So it turns out that the outage didn't actually affect us, but for some reason a server thought we were part of the affected outage area, or something like that.  Stupid me.  Common sense comes in handy sometimes.
Now I can get back to finishing my other posts without having to worry about a slow or dropped connection on an unsecured network (or anyone stealing my passwords and such).

-Max out

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