Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Simplicity photography challenge - "Light"

OK, I know I've got to have a decent photo for this challenge.
After searching through the archives, I narrowed the possibilities down to just a few, but chose the following, perhaps in part because it's unlikely anyone else will enter this kind of photo:

I believe this photo is unedited.

OK, here are some more photos similar to this one taken at around the same time, both edited and unedited versions. (for the edited ones, I simply turned up the contrast, I believe, although that removed some of the light streaks)

-Max out


Ewa said...

what an iteresting shot! now I want to try take that:)

Claire said...

I love this! How did you capture such abstract lighting? My guess would be glow sticks.. Amazing.

Maximillian said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone!

I used a slow shutter speed (the manual mode on my Canon XS, actually), pointed the camera at some lights of various colors, held down the shutter button, and spun the camera all around.
The following album has this and some similar photos, taken at around the same time:

Maximillian said...

It looks like I didn't mention that I set the shutter speed to "Bulb" and held down the shutter button while I twirled the camera around.

Unfortunately, the URL I provided doesn't seem to be made into a link; I'll see if I can put one in the post.

Elizabeth's Photo Blog said...

Cool shots!

theviewfinderbytsdg said...

love all your light painting.

Nat said...

Very cool! This is very different than all the entries. Great job!

Faith said...

Okay - this is seriously cool. Love it!
Thanks so much for linking up!