Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Window to the Soul photo contest - "Eyes" - photo entry

Awesome!  Why did I just start out this post like that?  Well, for other photo challenges I've had to look through the archives and try to make up my mind on which photo to choose.  However, for this one, I was trying to get a  close-up photo of Noah or Noble's eye, but they weren't the most cooperative (of course - little children staying still for more than three seconds, yeah right), and it's hard enough to get a good focus on a still subject using manual focusing.  Anyway, it just occurred to me that I can use my old photos of Pepper's eye, one of which I used as my profile pic everywhere (and still do on one site), is my Zune's background picture, and which I think is actually pretty cool-looking, although it would probably have been even better had I had a camera with more megapixels - it's pretty zoomed in.
OK, three photos...

The last photo was taken early last year with a 6-something megapixel Sony camcorder.
Editing: I didn't do any major editing in terms of layers or anything like that, just basic fixes such as adjusting contrast, brightness, highlights, shadows, and color temperature, using Microsoft Vista's built-in photo fixer tools for the first two and Picasa for the third.

Edit: In case you were wondering what the first photo is, here's the original photo and two edited versions (adjusted contrast and brightness; I forget which of the two I used for the eye).  The final version at the top of this post is simply the edited one that I cropped.

The Window To The Soul Photo Challenge

-Max out


Allie said...

Very nice. I like the second one! Thanks for entering!

Ashley Sisk said...

I love your original photo too - simple beauty. Great eye shots.