Saturday, October 16, 2010


It's a sadly unoriginal as well as unimaginative title, I'm afraid, which is even worse than you might think since I've been trying to think of creative titles for both posts and photos (as well as write poems or simply accompanying words to photos).  I might change it later if I get a flash of inspiration, but I can't think of anything better right now.

So yes, this post is about...what I did today (surprise!).
This morning, I got up at 6:00 since we were going to be going to Chapel Hill (for the first time) for something my mom was going to be doing at 8.  

After we arrived at the art museum at the UNC/Chapel Hill college campus, we dropped my mom off and went off to do a few things until she was done at around 4 pm, I think.
Although I don't remember the order, we went to REI (the outdoors/camping store), a park, and an Asian market before picking my mom up.  At the park, my siblings played on the playground and in the sand, while I mostly shot a whole bunch of photos.  Interestingly, at least three kids' birthday parties were happening at the same time there.  Here are a few photos; I might put some more on Picasa.


On the way to REI, my dad spotted what appeared to be a classic Shelby Cobra.
We later saw a green Cobra kit car, but this one appeared to be an original, which means it is probably very expensive, especially when you consider the excellent condition it's in.
As we turned into the area where the store was, the black roadster turned in behind us.  After a short distance, the Cobra turned into a plaza with a Starbucks.  Since the REI was just around the corner, we followed the car into the parking lot, where my dad went inside Starbucks to get a coffee (he likes coffee a lot), where the owner of the Shelby had gone.       

A lot of the photos I took of the car aren't really worth looking at (many are basically ruined due to the sun flare), but anyway, here's where you can see them:
After a while, the owner came out and lifted the hood so I could see the engine...and after a little while longer, I decided to not keep everyone waiting and went back to the van.  Incidentally, I'd taken 65 photos, the model year of the car.  Next, we drove done the street to REI, where my dad wanted to try on the Vibram Five-Finger shoes.  We also just looked around the store, and I tested out a walking stick/monopod with my camera. Out next stop was an Asian market, where we got a little bit to eat.
We then went to pick my mom up and afterwards I think we went to Whole Foods and Earthfare.
But that's about it.  

- Max out (finally)

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